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The Bluebird and Turtle adventure began as a personal project for my university degree. The purpose of the project is to document what it takes to create a new virtual arts brand from the ground up. Artists from small communities, or those isolated by the pandemic, can expand their market reach online, but how do you get started? That’s what I hope to find out here.

What are the virtual environments for art sales and how does a new artist connect into them? What does it take to set up virtual environments? How have other artists found success online? These questions and many others will be explored as Bluebird and Turtle venture into the blog-o-sphere!

My university project will eventually conclude, but Bluebird and Turtle will live on! Their adventures in creativity, travel and commerce will continue through this blog and our Etsy site. Our hope is that by sharing our experiences here we might spare others our mistakes, provide a useful tip or two, or just assuage a bit of curiosity. We’re glad you found us and hope you visit often (and bring tea and cake)!

Our Team

Bluebird and Turtle aren’t the only characters you’ll meet on this journey! Say hello to the other adventurers who help us along the way!